After years of blogging in italian about agile development, last week I decided once and for all to breathe life into this domain of mine to start blogging in english.

The decision came after Alessandro aka Odino complained about me having only an italian audience. Actually I must admit it’s a very wise choice of me, since most of my communication on topics like agile and lean development is already happening with people across Europe – thanks to Twitter – and I am eager to get a deeper feedback on my thoughts from all those people out there, on the other side of Alps.

Last but absolutely not least, Jurgen Appelo recently had been spreading a good idea around: to bring european agile and lean communicators a little closer together. This idea got a temporary name – ALE – and the community grew a lot during the first days. Then he asked me and 5 other ones to help him figuring out a few constraints to put in place to let the community work at its best. Now that I heeded Jurgen’s call, this new blog is a way to show my appreciation and commitment to the initiative.

This is my ‘Hello world’ to you all, across Europe and the rest of the world. At my place we say Ciao! 🙂

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